Sources say Dwight-mare is annoying


The diva-esque behavior of Dwight Howard has made a splash in the sewage of off season trade rumors

A spew of “sources say, he said she said, blah blah blah” from talking heads in the media has turned the off-season into a circus. Websites that act as an aggregator of these rumors fuel the fire.

A simple look at Tweets that involve the query “#dwighthoward source OR #dwighthoward trade rumor”

illustrate this carnival roller coaster ride.


The wonderful ‘twitteR’ package was used to search for these relatively recent tweets. We see spikes in tweet velocity whenever some “imminent” trade scenario was about to go down. Rumblings of a ridiculous  4-team deal and the pipedreams of delusional Laker fans explain some of what we see.

Feeling inspired by this fun look at soda slang ( ) I initially wanted to do a more ambitious analysis.

Unfortunately the straightforward ease of the ‘twitteR’ package has met it’s match. Specifically, the OAuth process required to pull some of the more interesting metadata has ran into a few hiccups in the current version of the package.

The workaround and better way would be to use the Twitter API’s like the Streaming API to get a sample of public tweets. This workflow gives additional data such as geolocation (seen in the soda slang analysis). However, to use the Streaming API requires some foresight. That is, the Streaming API only provides current data (requiring you to first establish a connection, and then pulling all of the tweets occurring since the connection time).

As the Dwightmare debacle seems to be winding down (failed trade scenarios provided by “inside sources”) the use of the Streaming API doesn’t seem to be fruitful.

In conclusion, Kobe Beef and Nashed Potatoes is good enough for me



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