Nasty Nas’ Nasty Rubdown via `magick`


We have 2 legends, Biggie Smalls and Nas. At the 1:00 mark, Nasty Nas receives a Nasty Rubdown. Pretty sure this was the inspiration for Boosie’s Wipe Me Down.

I made a .gif version using a pen, a tablet, and command line ‘ImageMagick‘.

But the resulting FPS was slow, so I decided to try out Jeroen’s R package, magick , to tune settings for the sped up version below.



I could have totally ‘tuned’ these settings in standalone ‘ImageMagick’, but I like the comforting caress of R’s function syntax.

Some of magick’s R bindings can immediately accept a ‘.gif’, so you can do things like

nas_gif_original %>% image_chop(.,'0x10') %>% image_animate(.,fps=10)

There you have it. Biggie, Nas, an enthusiastic head caresser, pngs, and gifs. Brought to you by R and magick .

A gist to the R script is below.


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